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Covers and inserts

Covers with inserts are cloth diapers for those who want to minimize the amount of laundry. It is used together with an insert, which is attached into the cover using snaps and flaps. Poops! Cover Slim is a neat model, and inserts can be a maximum of 12 cm wide to fit. All inserts on this page are suitable for use with Cover Slim. Further down you will also find our merino wool covers.

More information is available below. 

Barn i tygblöja kryper runt bland vass

Cover Slim

Here you will find more information about Cover Slim and you can get your own sample. This cover comes with a long, thin and lovely snake insert in 3-layer Tencel that folds double. 

Inserts that fit Cover Slim

Wool shell

Poop! offers wool shell of the highest quality and softness. Inserts are purchased separately from the wool shell. Poop! butterfly-shaped inlays fit particularly well. Read more below and click to collect your copy

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