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Introducing an incredibly soft and comfortable Tencel insert for cloth diapering.

This is an exceptional five-layer insert made from luxurious, undyed Tencelfrotté fabric (80% lyocell and 20% polyester). Its innovative design ensures that your child enjoys the utmost comfort and freedom of movement. Despite its thinness, this insert offers remarkable absorbency, effectively spreading liquid across its surface.

For babies who have heavy wetting, you can enhance the absorbency by adding a booster or double inserts.

Provide your child with the best possible diapering experience with this thin yet highly absorbent insert. Can of course be combined with other inserts. Order yours today and discover the difference it makes in your little one's comfort and happiness!

Straight insert - Tencel

  • Lyocell is a material made entirely of cellulose from trees, in a sustainable process.

    Note that the absorbency needs to be activated by following about three washes before use.

    The dimensions are 11.5x36 cm and it shrinks 1-2 cm in length after washing.

    Wash in 60 degrees Celsius.