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About us

Poops! want to be involved in creating a playful and sustainable future. By offering solutions that can be used again and again, and that promote movement and joy, we can both reduce the mountain of waste, save our finances and give all children a comfortable start in life. 

Poops! has been manufacturing cloth diapers since 2010 and was taken over by Lina and Fredrik at Wearings in 2022. Lina and Fredrik are both passionate surfers and think it is important that we create a sustainable future for our children. After seeing how much waste is produced by disposable diapers, they began researching cloth diapers. However, it took a long time before they found the type of cloth diapers they were looking for. It was simply a jungle to find the right one. Therefore, they saw an opportunity to be involved and drive the development of cloth diapers to simplify for the user, further develop sustainability aspects and increase comfort for the child. 

"We want to help people find good and simple solutions to reduce their single use of products."

Poops! - for children to move and play



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