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Poops! Cover Slim is a brand-new cover diaper model that is sleek, has a slim crotch, and prioritizes your child's comfort and freedom of movement.

Cover Slim has the advantage of being reusable multiple times before it needs to be washed, with only the insert being changed.

The included 63 cm long insert, made of three layers of luxurious undyed Tencel terry (80% lyocell and 20% polyester) with an upper layer of Tencel jersey (100% lyocell), is not only incredibly soft and gentle on your child's sensitive skin but also extremely absorbent despite its slimness. Lyocell is a material that is entirely made from cellulose derived from trees, using a sustainable process. The long snake insert can be folded in half or as desired and fastened with two buttons under the back flap. It stays in place at the front with the front flap, which has a slightly tensioned elastic.

The size can be adjusted with three rows of snaps at the front and fits children weighing approximately 4 kg to 16 kg. With the help of soft leg elastic, we ensure that the diaper cover fits snugly, providing an optimal fit and flexibility. The design features a single front row of snaps for the ease of use and the room for hip movement.

By choosing cloth diapers, you contribute to reducing waste from disposable diapers and take a step towards a more environmentally friendly future. You can easily wash and reuse the Cover Slim time and time again without compromising on quality or performance. Simply wash it at 60 degrees and then air dry the cover and insert.

Cover Slim - Purple Power

  • The insert in undyed Tencel needs to be washed or soaked about three times before use to activate the absorbency. It shrinks approximately 3 cm in length after washing.


    The model is 12.5 cm in the crotch, which is narrower than many models


    Poops! other inserts in bamboo and organic cotton fit this cover.


    The color reproduction in the images may differ slightly from reality.