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Cloth nappies for a playful and sustainable future

Discover our Swedish-designed cloth nappies and accessories created for the modern, eco-conscious family. Enjoy the harmony of style, comfort, and environmental responsibility with Poops!.

Tygblöjor regnbåge.JPG
Bild: Linn Moltudal

Explore our latest collection of nappies

Explore our latest collections featuring three new models of cloth diapers, each meticulously crafted for the playful child. But there's more – we've expanded our range with a variety of other baby products to make parenting even more comfortable and sustainable. Our selection doesn't stop at cloth diapers; it also includes changing mat covers, wetbags, soft wipes, and more in the pipeline.

Our cloth nappies are designed for ease of use, fitting throughout the entire diapering stage and are slim-cut to encourage movement and play. Made with ultra-soft materials that are gentle on your baby's sensitive skin, and boasting a timeless design with cheerful colors, these nappies are set to become your long-term favorites.

Tre tygblöjor, en rosa med guldprickar, en gul med ränder och en grön med hjärtan
Bild: Linn Moltudal

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