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Try our popular wool cover with super soft merino wool!


Poops! wool cover diaper is specificallly designed to fit the active child who thrives best in natural materials that breathes. The wool cover is made of 95% merino wool and 5% elastane, and is ideally combined with Poops! butterfly-shaped inserts in 30% organic cotton and 70% bamboo, alternatively with another insert or inner nappy.


The wool cover can be adjusted one size in height, and fits children between approximately 6-16 kg.

Wool has a very good ability to regulate temperature and is great also for summer. The wool cover nappy needs to be lanolin treated before use and after washing to achieve its maximum liquid repellent function. The wool cover does not need to be washed between each use, but can be hung to dry and then used again.

Wool cover - Blue 6-16 kg

  • The diaper should be washed with wool detergent before use. To keep the wool cover diaper water repellent, treat it with wool cure after washing.