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There are cloth diapers in specific sizes, such as Newborn, S, M and L, and there is also One Size (OS). These diapers cover a large part of the child's diapering period and are therefore a good choice from an economic point of view. Poops! OS diapers can be used from around 3.5-4 kg up to 15-16 kg. 

To use OS on smaller children, you fold up the front and attach it with the snaps at the front. That way, the nappy gets shorter and slimmer around the legs.

In the image below, the cloth diaper is folded up to size XS, and unfolded to size L. The part of the fabric that is left is folded under the front flap.

Illustration av tygblöja Storlek Small
Size XS - Outline.png
Size M - Outline.png
Size L - Outline.png

ca 4-7 kg

ca 7-10 kg

ca 10-13 kg

ca 13-16 kg

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