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These wonderfully soft wipes feature an absorbent side made of Tencel terry (80% lyocell and 20% polyester) and a smooth Tencel jersey side (100% lyocell).

Poops! Wipes are multifunctional and can be used as washcloths, as an alternative to paper towels, or even as super-thin boosters! They are also perfect to keep in your pocket for use as a fabric handkerchief or for wiping little mouths after snacks on the go.

Wipes 10-pack in Tencel

  • Lyocell is a material made entirely of cellulose from trees, in a sustainable process. Note that the absorbency needs to be activated by following about three washes before use.

    The dimensions are approx. 11x22 cm and shrinks slightly in the wash.

    Can be washed in 60 degrees Celsius