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Welcome to a whole new level of comfort and sustainability for your baby's diaper changing!

Introducing Poops! Pocket Slim, the ideal solution for modern parents who prioritize both the environment and their child's comfort. With its 'Athletic Wicking Jersey' (AWJ) interior, this diaper ensures a dry and cool feeling against your baby's skin. The material is soft, gentle, and effectively transports moisture into the insert, minimizing the risk of rashes and discomfort. With Pocket Slim, you can be confident that you are providing your child with the best possible diaper experience.

Pocket Slim is a sleek and versatile pocket-style diaper that offers simplicity and practicality. It features a convenient pocket at the back, where the insert is securely tucked in place. The accompanying insert is made from luxurious and soft Tencel terry fabric (80% lyocell and 20% polyester), designed with an innovative construction to maximize your child's comfort and freedom of movement. Despite its thinness, the insert absorbs exceptionally well and evenly distributes liquid across its surface. For heavy wetters, a thin booster can be added if needed. Please note that the absorbency of the insert improves after approximately three washes.

The adjustable one-size fit allows you to customize the diaper's size folding the fron and attaching it with snaps, accommodating your baby from approximately 3.5-4 kg to 15-16 kg. The soft elasticity around the legs minimizes the risk of leakage and ensures a comfortable fit.

By choosing cloth diapers like Pocket Slim, you make a positive contribution to reducing waste from disposable diapers and take a step towards a more environmentally friendly future. You can easily wash and reuse the Pocket Slim time after time without compromising its quality or performance. Simply wash it at 60 degrees and hang it to dry.

Experience the perfect combination of comfort, sustainability, and convenience with Poops! Pocket Slim. Make the switch today and give your baby the best possible diapering experience!

Pocket Slim - Polka Lots

  • The insert in undyed Tencel needs to be washed or boiled about three times before use to activate the absorbency. It shrinks 1-2 cm in length after washing.


    The model is 12.5 cm in the crotch, which is narrower than many models


    Poops! other inserts in organic cotton and bamboo fit this nappy model.


    The color reproduction in the images may differ slightly from reality.