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Introducing Poops! 2-Pack Day Pads in Bamboo Viscose Organic Cotton: The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Reusability!

Discover the ultimate in comfort and sustainability with Poops! cloth pads. Each pad consists of a smooth 280 gsm layer and a thicker 390 gsm layer, both made from bamboo viscose and organic cotton. The outer layer is crafted with breathable polyurethane laminated polyester fabric, ensuring effective leak prevention.

These reusable cloth pads provide the same convenience and ease of use as disposable pads, with the added benefit of being reusable. Say goodbye to single-use pads and embrace the eco-friendly choice of Poops! Day Pads. After use, simply wash and reuse the pads, reducing waste while allowing your intimate area to breathe freely. The pad securely fastens to your underwear and stays in place throughout the day. After use, fold and fasten the pad before washing.

Each pack includes two pads, one in classic black and another in pristine white, offering versatility and style for your daily needs. With a length of 20 cm, these pads provide optimal coverage and protection.

Upgrade your menstrual care routine with the softness, comfort, and reusability of Poops! 2 Pack Day Pads. Make the switch today and experience the benefits of reusable pads, both for your well-being and the environment. Order your pack now and embark on a sustainable and comfortable period journey!

Cloth pads

109,00kr Regular Price
65,40krSale Price
  • Wash in 60 degrees Celsius.