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Cloth diapers

Cloth diapers have many advantages over disposable options. If all children in Sweden used a cloth diaper once a week, we would save approximately 17 million diapers from being thrown in the waste. It is also significantly cheaper and is actually easier than many people think!

Here we present Poops! models in brief

Poops! Pocket Slim

The model with a perfect fit from newborn to diaper-free

Poops! Pocket Slim is a cloth diaper with a pocket where the insert is tucked in at the back. It is one size (OS), which means it has buttons in the front that can be reduced to fit from about 4-16 kg. The outside of the diaper is in water-repellent PU material and the inside in Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ), which transports moisture away and keeps the skin cool and dry. The accompanying inserts are in soft Tencel terry and bamboo, which are thin and absorbs well. At the back, the diaper has a wide elastic to sit comfortably and keep tight. 

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Poops Cover Slim tygblöja Lek Go Green

Poops! Cover Slim

The cloth nappy model for active children

Poops! Cover Slim is a cover diaper and a snap in model (SIO) where the insert is fastened at the back with buttons and is held in place at the front by a flap. It is a one size (OS) model, which means that it can be folded up to reduce the size and fits approx. 4-16 kg. The outer cover is made of water-repellent PU material and can be used several times before washing. The insert is changed when necessary. The included insert is in soft and comfortable Tencel textile (consists of lyocell, made from cellulose from trees) which absorbs liquid very well and is gentle to the skin. The cover has one row of snaps at the waist.

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