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How do I wash cloth diapers?

Reusing diapers means washing them after use. Poops! cloth diapers in PUL material and inserts can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius and you can wash them together with other laundry. The PUL covers should not be tumble-dried. 

How often do I need to wash cloth diapers?
It depends on which model you use. A pocket that has a textile lining is thrown in the wash every time you change. They can be stored either in a PUL bag for up to about 3 days, in an open box/bag that allows air to pass through or rinsed off and hung dry in between. The latter is recommended if you wash less often than every three days. Please use a detergent without perfume and bleach, as this can affect the function of the cover materials.

How do I wash wool covers?
Wool treated with lanolin do not need to be washed as often as other materials. A rule of thumb could be every other week of usage, unless they have become dirty or smells. Our woolen covers are washed as delicates and can occasionally be cleaned by placing them in a pan and heating the water to almost boiling (note: do not stir), then leave to cool. This is also how you make a wool cure - by mixing in lanolin and two in the warm water and then diluting it to lukewarm and letting it stand for a couple of hours.

Here are some points that may be good to know:

  • Wash the inserts at least 3 times before use to activate the absorbency.

  • Children under 6 months who only eat liquid food in the form of breastfeeding or formula have water-soluble feaces that can be flushed down the sink.

  • Up until the children are 6 months old, the faeces are water-soluble and can be flushed down the sink. For older children, you turn it down the toilet and can rinse off any residue before throwing the diaper in the wash.

  • Fabric softener should be avoided as it reduces absorbency.

  •  The inside may become discolored. However, this does not mean that the diaper is dirty. If this bothers you, the best way is to hang them up to dry in direct sunlight as this naturally bleaches the discoloration away. If there is no sunshine, you can pre-treat them with bile soap or lemon soap before washing. 

  • If the diapers start to smell bad, you can mix one or two teaspoons of 24% vinegar in the fabric softener compartment when washing. If this does not help, soak the diapers in a bucket of cold water with vinegar overnight, then wash in the machine. The vinegar does not smell after washing, but can affect elastic and PU materials if it is not rinsed out sufficiently! 

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