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Poops Pink Paradise tygblöja ute på vift.jpg

Poops! Cloth diapers


Poops! is a Swedish design and the brand has existed since 2010. In addition to cloth diapers and accessoriescloth pads and panty covers are also available. 

To manufacture the products, we collaborate with a small, family-owned factory in central China that has about 35 employees with good wages and working conditions. Everyone who works at the factory is over the age of eighteen and has their own homes and families nearby. 

The objective of Poops! is to create a playful and sustainable world. This is visible throughout our designs of diapers and inserts, as well as the prints we give the products. Cloth diapers should provide value for both the wallet and the environment, and above all for the child.

We hope that Poops! innovative solutions and purposeful sustainability work can contribute to the further development of reusable products and the normalization of cloth diapers in society. 

Poops! is a registered trademark.

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