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About cloth diapers

Using Poops! cloth diapers is easy! Our goal is for it to be as easy to use as a disposable alternative. Therefore, we look over the entire usage process and develop products to suit different situations and lifestyles.

Here are some tips for those of you who want to try cloth diapers:

  • Try a simple model and see how it works. The simplest model is the Pocket, where you put an insert in a pocket on the diaper.

  • Try a few different models and materials. Cloth diapers are available in natural and synthetic materials. Different children and parents have different preferences.

  • You can also borrow or rent cloth diapers to find your favourites.

How many cloth diapers do I need?

It depends on which model you choose. ​The models that are easiest to use, i.e. Pocket or All-in One (AIO) require that the entire diaper is washed at each change. Therefore, approximately 20-24 diapers are needed. If you choose to use covers with inserts instead, then 5-6 covers and about 20-25 inserts are enough. This is because the cover does not need to be washed at each change, but only the insert.  

About different models:

  • A pocket diaper (Pocket Slim) has a pocket where the insert is put in. The pocket holds the insert well in place and is just as easy to put on the baby as a disposable diaper. These diapers are One Size (OS) and have buttons in the middle of the diaper that can be buttoned together to get sizes S and M. The inner lining, i.e. the pocket, often consists of a material that wicks away moisture and feels dry against the skin. The outer is a water-resistant, breathable cover, often in PUL polyester.

  • A cover diaper (Cover Slim) is a water-resistant cover in which one or more inserts are placed. There are often flaps at the front and back, which help to keep the insert in place, and sometimes also snaps to fasten it. The cover can be used several times before washing if it has not become dirty or smelly. 

  • Wool covers are a type of cover nappy. However, wool is a natural material, and cured wool has a form of self-cleaning function. Wool covers are therefore only washed when they have become dirty. In between, they can be aired hanging. 

What does cloth diapering cost?

By using cloth diapers and other reusable products, you not only save your carbon footprint and waste, but also your own finances. Disposable diapers cost about 1000-2,000 Euros per child, while a full-time set of cloth diapers costs around 500-1000 Euros. A simple calculation example can be found below. 

A baby in diapers needs about 6 diapers a day. There will be about 6,500 diapers over a diaper period of 3 years  Those who wash every 3 days and use the pocket version of cloth diapers need about 20-24 diapers for full-time use (one size follows the child between about 4-16 kg). We expect a wash to cost around 0,3 Euros (based on Sweden and may vary between countries). 

Cost of disposable diapers: approx. 1640 Euros

Cost 24 reusable nappies, incl. laundry: approx. 500 Euros


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