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How do I use cloth diapers?

The attachment of cloth diapers is similar to disposable diapers, although different models can look slightly different. Most models use snaps for fastening at the front of the waist (in some cases Velcro), and should be tightened so that at least two fingers can be reached over the stomach. The size is adjusted with buttons on the outside of the diaper. Read more here.

In a pocket diaper, such as the one in the picture, the absorbent insert is placed in the pocket between the cover and the inner lining. In the models that are covers, the insert is placed directly in the cover and fastened either with buttons or under flaps at the front and back. The insert should be slightly longer than the unfolded length of the cover. Most inserts can be folded forwards or backwards if they are too long. That's also why Poops! inserts are thin and easy to handle.   

Do they really prevent leakage?
Yes! However, the fit is important (just like all diapers). The elastic that goes around the thight of the baby should sit in the groin to keep it tight. Check that the elastic has slight tension all around, and it should keep dry until the insert is filled. If it still leaks, it may be the material of the insert that needs to be adjusted, for example to absorb the liquid faster.

If the child does not want to lie still while changing?
It is often possible to pull up a cloth diaper just like a pull-up diaper. To try this, you can fasten the lower buttons and pull up the diaper. When the diaper is in place, you fasten the buttons at the waist and poke the leg elastic into the groin. 

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