About POOPS!

I would like more people to discover that using cloth nappies does not have to be difficult or expensive. Before I created POOPS! I found that an affordable cloth nappy of high quality was lacking on the market.

POOPS! nappies have many advantageous features compared to other cloth nappies.

The All-in-One cloth nappy has, among other things, a leakage barrier included at the legs, which gives an effective protection against moisture and wetness. The nappie´s flexible construction also makes it easy to adapt to children during all of their nappy years.

There are three kinds of POOPS! nappies.
– POOPS! bamboo/organic cotton has an anti-bacterial terry (70%) on the inside and in the inlay. Bamboo is especiallyadvantegeous for nappies, as it has an excellent absorbency and also an anti-bacterial function. Bamboo also has many environmental advantages, among other things pesticides are not required. The organic cotton has got a Organic Content Standard (OCS): http://textileexchange.org/OCS
– POOPS! CoolPass is made in polyester and quick-drying. The nappy feels dry and cool to the skin and the material is breathable.
– POOPS! nappy cover where you add your own choice of inserts, prefolds.


POOPS! cooperates with a small factory in China where the workers have good salaries and working conditions. Every worker in the factory is older than 18 years and has a home of their own and a family nearby.

POOPS! nappies reach you as a customer without intermediaries. The nappies go directly from the factory to the webshop, which enables us to offer a high quality as well as low prices.

My name is Jane Rogoleva and I have created and now run POOPS! I am an environmentally conscious mother of a five year old son, and a textile designer trained at the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm and I also work with product design. The business (including the stock) is conducted from Stockholm.

POOPS! objective is to offer a safe and an environmental friendly nappy to an affordable price. Cloth nappies should be an alternative for the wallet as well as the environment.